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Tempted to share your love story? A few words from Martyn Ware.

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Here's a few words from Musician Martyn Ware about his involvement with 'We Found Love In The 80s' project. Please read, share and subscribe and get involved!

"As soon as Dawinder suggested this project, it seemed to be a perfect fit. My experiences in the 1980’s and the sheer number of people I’m in contact with from that period means I have a massive interest in the cultural significance of that period."

Martyn Ware

"I’ve created several soundscape projects over the last 20 years involving participation of the general public – this normally involves creating a simple, open stories or comments in response, so this project appealed to me on both a creative and emotional level.

Although the subject matter seems quite light-hearted, I believe that the responses we’ll receive will really connect with the general public, and giving everyone an equal voice and participation in the crowdsourced content, I believe is a beautiful thing.

The 80’s have come to symbolise a more carefree, sometimes hedonistic era – some of this was true, but of course there were major societal issues at the time also – some of which are even more pressing today.

But essentially, we want this to be serious fun – so please share your stories with us…

To sum up, I believe that with your help, we can create a profoundly touching and engaging work of art, which will be a long-lasting testament to the power of music, emotion and memory."

Martyn Ware - Founder member of The Human League and Heaven17

If you found love in the 1980s, get in touch with us by emailing info@wefoundloveinthe80s.com

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